Okay, okay, I’ll consult with an expert

I posted recently about how I’ve stopped weighing myself. Many moons ago, I posted about being a fat, fast runner. I thought I could live with my situation, but I’ve decided I can’t. Why? Because over the past month I’ve put on a ton of muscle from the increased frequency (and loads) of weight work, and also from all the pool running. But, as per usual, I have lost little to no fat in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. I am more or less happy with the way I look. Although now my clothes are starting not to fit anymore, which was the catalyst for doing a Google search. I’m actually getting bigger. I now have both fat and muscular bulk to contend with. You know what people say about not worrying that if you’re a woman you’ll bulk up when you do resistance training? Well, I’m bulking up.

I will be going to see a woman with lots of degrees who specializes in working with endurance athletes. She’s a triathlete herself. At least in our initial emails, I gather that the issue may not be one of “calories in vs. out” but rather “what kinds of calories and when.” Her fees are not outrageous. Her CV is impressive. It’s worth it to me to find out if I’m just metabolically screwed by nature of my genes or if I can actually do something about this situation. At the very least, going to see her for a few months will be cheaper than buying an entire new wardrobe.

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  1. This? Is something I’ve always been curious about. Genetics aren’t on my side when it comes to the weight issue, but I have noticed a marked difference when I avoid eating certain things. I’m curious to hear what you find out.

  2. Remember that the more muscle mass you have, the easier it will be to lose the fat. Keep it going, and then back off the weights when you start up with the big mileage again and your increased muscle mass will devour that extra fat. And skip a few dinners, porky 🙂

    This is something I’ve always dealt with, having a somewhat stocky build for an endurance runner. (I do pushups, squats, etc and like having core strength which usually results in upper body strength too.) Frankly, if it adds a few clicks to my runs, well, so be it.

    • Yeah, nice theory, Justin. Except nothing ever works for me the way it does for other, normal people. Ever. That’s why, after this woman tells me to do stuff and I do it (and I’ll do whatever she says — it’s not a matter of discipline for me, or being organized, or being honest), and it doesn’t work, I want her to tell me why. If it does work, I’ll be shocked. I’ll be delighted. I’ll have her baby.

    • I should add that there are plenty of stocky runners who are as fast or faster than their stringbean counterparts: Erin Donohue and Allan Webb are just two who spring to mind.

  3. Have you seen Alan Webb now? Stringbean. Chris Solinsky however is a hunk o burnin’ love.

    I’m sticking with my theory. And theories in general. I’m headed towards 75 mpw in Jan and need all the theories I can get.

    • I have seen Allan Webb recently — in person. 🙂 He has shed some muscle, but he’s still no wisp. I should have mentioned Solinsky, as he’s a better example, being a long distance guy.

      75 mpw is a good number. Once you get there, hold it for a few weeks and it will seem natural from then on.

  4. I’ll be curious as to what you learn. I’ve recently discovered that that rumor of your metabolism slowing down in your late 20s is, in fact, true (yay?), requiring a reexamination of my diet. Like you, I also feel like I’m somewhat more substantial that the chicks I finish with in races, so I’m not too troubled, but I also don’t have an income for new clothes.

  5. Yes, same here. I’m good on small portions, but I think there are too many portions of sticky-date pudding.

    There are ‘big’ runners – you’ve mentioned Solinksky, Donohoe. Deek was a ‘big’ marathoner, at 70kg, so unusual there. Now that he doesn’t run much he’s probably pushing 85kg.

    There was an old RW feature (front page) about a female marathoner who did weight training. She had ‘muscular’ legs. Ran 2:40ish, but was looking to run 2:30. I don’t think she got there.

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