December 11 is Take a Blogger to Lunch Day!

I’m making up this national holiday on the spot! Because I think we bloggers should take the time to a) actually meet in person and b) treat each other to a tasty and nutritious lunch.

On December 11 I will be meeting up with Pigtails Flying (whom I feel lucky to now count as a flesh and blood friend, but who started out as a “virtual friend” in the most tenuous and potentially useless sense of the term) and, dammit, I’ve decided that I’m going to treat her to lunch. Because I like her and would like to show my appreciation in this way.

December 11th’s a good day for this, incidentally, because that’s also National Noodle Ring Day. Just one of hundreds of bizarre American holidays.

Let’s all make the blogging world a friendlier, realer and more delicious place. What fellow blogger will you take to lunch next month?

2 Responses

  1. Ooh ooh I am going to take YOU to lunch!

    (Does that mean we’re splitting the bill?)

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