Some posts are better than others. Here are a few of my favorites. I think they represent a decent cross-section of the tripe I post here.


Quicker recoveries
“You should be doing your recovery runs at 9:45 or faster. Why are you running them so slow?”

Going mental
Quieting the evil voices entreating me to stop during speed and tempo workouts.

It’s April. And that means insane geese.
How many generations of Canadian geese need to be born in this country before we no longer call them “Canadian”? Features an extra special Photoshop bonus image, suitable for iron ons.

95 miles on the treadmill? But how?
Practical ideas for putting your treadmill to use for all of your training when the weather outside is frightful.

Kibet, Kwambai and Claudio Berardelli
A pointer to an interesting discussion about the unorthodox training methods that fostered two of the greatest marathon performances ever, in the same race. Includes a bonus spreadsheet for incorporating some of the key ideas into your own training, if you dare.


The MRI experience
Never had an MRI before? Prepare yourself with this blow-by-blow.

Six tips for dealing with an injury
When you have a long term injury, you’re going to go insane anyway. You may as well make the best of it.

The elliptical and pool running: initial impressions
First in a series for newly injured runners.

Spinning: initial impressions
Second in a series for newly injured runners.

Bumper stickers for pool runners
I’ve got lots of time to think while I’m pool running. Here’s one idea I had.

Ran today. Hated it.
You don’t run for three months. You think it’s going to be so great when you can run again. Guess what? It isn’t.


Guest Post: The wee bunny gets a lesson in endurance
I’m not even going to cheapen this with a summary sentence. Just read it.

Sometimes, when you’re out on a run, it’s worth taking a few moments to stop and observe the world around you.

Why Americans are fat and broke
A forensic analysis of a McDonald’s receipt found on a run.


Another DNF. So why am I smiling?
Always look on the bright side of a bad race.

Cold data vs. real people
The cognitive clash and emotional turmoil provided by websites that allow you to track marathoners along the way.

More pre-race ponderings
This was written days before what would be my most painfully disastrous race. Oh, the irony. But it’s still a good checklist.

Introducing The Performinator
With the help of this cutting edge calculator, predicting your next marathon time needn’t be such a mystery.

Horizon expansion

Snow bunny
My snowshoe running career is cut short by the experience of actually running in snowshoes.

Spectator Report: Emerald Nuts Midnight Run
This was my first experience of seeing how the other half (meaning the elites) experience racing. This was the race that got the wheels turning in terms of my eventual decision to pursue running journalism.

Keyboard konfessional

Adventures with Ambien
Oh, God. You’ve got to be careful with this stuff.

Exercise and anxiety
Having suffered from a smorgasbord of anxiety over the decades, running hard is the thing that saved me.

The kids are alright
On opting out of the whole breeding gig.

Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again…
Basketcasedom need not last forever.

Runner culture

Runner survey: results and analysis
I conducted a survey of about 400 runners to find out what they want when they take part in a race. The results helped shape a Running Times article on the subject.

“Yes, I am a freak. Be glad your husband isn’t.”
You don’t generally notice that you’ve immersed yourself fully in a strange subculture until you encounter others who are not part of that subculture.

Douchebags! The series
Runners like to think they’re better than triathletes. But the truth is that we’re all flying the same freak flag.

The past: mine and others’

The rock stars next door
Would a seven year old be allowed to go shopping for live snake food with rock stars today? Probably not. And that’s a shame.

Bay Area Television, circa 1973
My childhood mornings were filled with violence, farming and more violence.

Bad trips
Join me on my odyssey of weird vacations.

A run down memory lane
A portrait of my dad, a semi-obsessed middle-aged marathoner, thwarted by life’s other commitments.

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