“Yes, I am a freak. Be glad your husband isn’t.”

We just did a 3.5 mile run around Capitol Park, which our hotel is on the corner of. Along the way, we talked shop with a friendly woman from Philly (45-49 AG, by my sly extraction of information regarding qualifying for Boston). She’s trying for a qualifier tomorrow and I think she’ll make it, at least if her recent times are any indication.

I was happy to note that my heart rate (both while resting and running) seems back to its normal self. So no red flags are waving (or, like in the spring, actually whacking me) in my face.

On the way back up to our room we shared the elevator with four women about my age. One of them exclaimed, “Oh! You have the watch I just gave my husband. How do you like it?”

*Elevator bleat!*

“I do like it,” I replied. “But they removed some key features from the previous model.”

*Elevator bleat!*

She looked disappointed. “Really? Like what?”

*Elevator bleat!*

“Well,” I replied, slipping into full freak mode, despite my best efforts. “You can’t review your run during a session like you could before.”

*Elevator bleat!*

“You mean you can’t review the run afterwards?”

*Elevator bleat!*

“No. I mean, like, if you want to check your splits…” I noticed all four women looked confused. “You know,” I blundered onward, “Like while doing intervals on the track.” Awkward pause. “You, um, can’t do that anymore.”

*Elevator bleat!*

All heads nodded, yet still obviously perplexed. Jonathan sighed. I examined the elevator floor.

*Bleat! … Bleat! … Bleat!*

Ah. Freedom.

5 Responses

  1. You’re kidding! You can’t look at your history while in a workout? Sad sad sad! I’ve got a 305 which has lasted 2 years. I’m hoping it’ll give up the ghost so I can get a 310xt, but I’ll miss the “live history” (!) for the very reason you mention — checking splits during an interval workout!

    What are they thinking?

    PS…. have a great race!

    • Yes, that’s just one of the annoying software changes in the new model. I’ve posted about all of them to Garmin’s site, so I can only hope they restore some of the 305 features. I do like the vibration option (since I run with music about 75% of the time), and it picks up satellites in about 30 seconds compared to up to 15 minutes for my (now dead) 305.

  2. […] tomorrow we have JT and JS running CIM in Sacramento and Warren Street attempting to repeat as Masters Club […]

  3. Weird, you can look it up on the 405 while still going.

  4. Just to let you know, at 3:45 here on Saturday, it’s snowing.

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