The More is no more

Or at least it appears that way. The listing for the April More Magazine-sponsored race is shown as the More Half Marathon. No full.

Loyal readers will recall my critical analysis (and I do mean critical) of that event’s rapid growth of the half, coupled with the equally swift demise of the full. No mystery there. The Westchester Marathon followed the same, sad trajectory.

Oh, well. Another one bites the dust.

In other NYRR news, I can’t find any evidence of the Bronx Half, which usually happens in early February. The NYC Half Marathon ($79 plus $5 processing fee — are you shitting me? No. Just, no.) has been moved to March. The 15K Colon Cancer Challenge is also notably absent. I wonder if moving the NYC half from the brain-frying height of summer to spring has buggered up the rest of the race calendar now.

I’m in a criminally bad mood these days when it comes to anything running related. Evidence of race calendar monkeying is not helping.