To wear: whatnot

The weather forecast for tomorrow’s race over the past 10 days has evolved from cool and rainy, to cold and cloudy, to freezing and sunny. I can’t get any read on the wind situation, as it seems to shift (like the wind!) every time I check, going from reasonable to downright ugly. But it’s going to do whatever it’s going to do, regardless of how much I worry.

I won’t be running in a Mr. Peanut costume tomorrow, so I won’t be easy to spot. But if you’d like to try, here’s my planned ensemble: black shorts, a bright orange tee shirt, black armwarmers, cheap black gloves (which I’ll abandon by mile 3 or so) and my orange “Kentucky racers” (courtesy of my virtual running pal, Tracy, who spends her days experiencing New Running Shoe Smell). I’ll start off with my Ted Corbitt Memorial 15K white cotton longsleeve, which I’ll also abandon early on.

I should also note that my experiment with living life as a blonde is drawing to a close after a year of fun with chemicals. I’m now more solidly on the brown side and will probably stay that way since the time and expense of maintaining my flaxen locks has become too burdensome. I’ll update the blog photo once I get a shot where I don’t look like Richard Lewis.

This will be my first outing with armwarmers, which I admit I felt a little douchey about buying, but when I have them on they actually look kind of cool, and they make my arms look less porcine, which is always a bonus.

The forecasted temps are actually ideal for me. I race best when it’s just above freezing, and start to get too warm if it gets anywhere near 50. But I know a windchill of 27 at the start is too cold for just a short sleeve shirt, and I didn’t bring any technical clothing I’m willing to throw away. If I wear a long sleeve tech shirt, though, I’ll be sweating by the end, when the temps are expected to be right around 40.

Armwarmer bonus: Extra storage space. I will take five gels during the race. I can fit four in my shorts’ pockets. Now I can stick the fifth one in the sleeve of my armwarmer rather than carrying in my hand it all the way to mile 3. Hooray!

9 Responses

  1. Wow, 5 gels is a bunch. Your stomach is tougher than mine…

    It’s so much fun to read the last minute planning before someone else’s marathon. Thank you for sharing it.

    Now, just breathe deep and relax. Weather is good, wardrobe is set, all that’s left is to go out and run a solid race.

  2. Whatever the weather, don’t forget to double-knot your flip-flops 😉

    Happy zombie-free dreams tonight.

  3. Goodluck and have a nice race time!.
    Do run relax and you will see you run a good time.
    And Orange is always a good run color and bring you luck.

  4. Thanks, guys!

  5. CIM weather is usually horrible or terrific, and I’ve run it in both conditions. Here’s a prayer to the weather gods that tomorrow is the latter. You will certainly be on my mind tomorrow morning!

  6. So basically I need to watch for for a non-blonde dressed in Halloween colors! Good luck tomorrow.

  7. I’m supremely confident that you will run a fantastic race tomorrow! Good luck!

  8. Best of luck to you!!! I hope this is a redeeming marathon for you and the weather is on your side. Sounds like a good outfit. I love my arm sleeves.

    I can’t wait to see you as a brunette. I had no idea you weren’t a natural blonde, you wear it so well.

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