CIM: Epic Fail


Slow from the get go. In trouble at mile 10. Died at the halfway point. The rest was a fucking death march.

At least I qualified for Boston. Again. Barely.

I don’t know that I ever want to do this again.

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  1. Shit. That bums me out. I wish I had something helpful to say that would make it better. 😦

  2. Congrats for Boston and a marathon never tell before what happend ;-).
    You wil run the next time a marathon and forget your pain to day!.
    And ni bad marathon time.

  3. Oh no – really sorry to hear about that…

  4. Oh man, I was tracking you and knew something went way wrong. I was worried that your injury had come out full force. Hope you’re ok physically and that you can drown your day in some booze while you regroup. I have to say, at one point I was thinking “I’ll bet she’s writing her blog post/race report at this very moment”, because that’s how I spent the last few miles of Philly. Hugs to you girl, this is only one race and 2010 promises to be MUCH better.

  5. That totally sucks. I am so sorry. Hopefully you can figure out what happened over the next day or so. Drink up and numb the pain, you’ll certainly live to run another much better performance. Have you given any consideration to giving the marathon a break and running shorter stuff for a bit?

  6. I too was tracking. Bummer. But major congrats to Jonathan.

  7. Ugh. I’m so sorry. You know the drill, though. Lick your wounds, have a good beer (or three), eat some good food. In a few days, start thinking about running and where you want to go with this.

    I have to admit, I think the idea of playing with different distances is a good one. Sometimes we get so mentally focused on hitting a specific time for a specific distance that it becomes an albatross around the neck. Focusing on something different will be a refreshing break.

  8. I missed you, but it’s good I didn’t witness that. I had a good race from the time point of view but the second half was not fun. Cold, windy, Ugh. After mile 20 I was thinking “Why the foxtrot do I run marathons? This sucks.” But I know I’ll feel differently next week. And so, hopefully, will you.

  9. I’m sorry to hear about the race. I know it’s a disappointing result, especially after all of the training that went into the race. The only advice I’d offer is don’t make any decisions hastily. Sulk, stew in your juices, and then pull yourself up and think about what what comes next. You are a very good runner!

  10. Oh, and not that it helps much, but that was your gun time. Chip was 3:46:12. I had a “Say what?” moment when I looked at my results until I noticed that.

  11. I’m really sorry about that Julie.

  12. I’m so sorry things went the way they did. I also think focusing on something different would be refreshing. I trained for 5K/10K one season when I was talked out of training for another marathon,and I really enjoyed the different type of training and getting some PR’s in those distances. It also helped me a ton when I did train for another marathon. I’m doing it again this spring instead of a spring marathon and then going for a fall one. Be nice to yourself – it was a lot of hard work you did!

    • I second this.

      As someone who has been through a lot of disappointment, it pays to switch focus now and then. The outstanding base you built over the past year will just help you with whatever you do.

  13. that sucks, julie… even the bq is double edged since boston closed so early this year – ugh!

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