And let’s scratch Napa while we’re at it…

I’m bagging the plans to run the Napa Marathon. It’s just way too close. Even if I am able to start training hard again on the roads in a few weeks, that only gives me about 11 weeks to train. I am wary of reinjuring myself — or extending healing of the current injury — by rushing things.

I’ve already flown all the way out to the West Coast to run two horrible marathons. If I do it a third time, then I am officially an idiot. I am also much more likely to give up.

Now I’m looking for an early-to-mid-April race that isn’t Boston. No race is going to be perfect in terms of course and conditions, so I’m going to stop looking for it. I’ll pick what looks like the best race available during that time period, train for the course, and hope for decent weather.