And let’s scratch Napa while we’re at it…

I’m bagging the plans to run the Napa Marathon. It’s just way too close. Even if I am able to start training hard again on the roads in a few weeks, that only gives me about 11 weeks to train. I am wary of reinjuring myself — or extending healing of the current injury — by rushing things.

I’ve already flown all the way out to the West Coast to run two horrible marathons. If I do it a third time, then I am officially an idiot. I am also much more likely to give up.

Now I’m looking for an early-to-mid-April race that isn’t Boston. No race is going to be perfect in terms of course and conditions, so I’m going to stop looking for it. I’ll pick what looks like the best race available during that time period, train for the course, and hope for decent weather.

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  1. It’s a bit late, but I’ve heard very good things about the Green Bay Marathon in mid May.

    And many thanks for the kind words earlier — I hope that my blog can live up to the hype…

    • Thanks, but I’m making a trip to England in May that precludes anything major on the running front that month. Early in the month is too close to that trip. Later in the month means I’ll be at the height of training while traveling and that never, ever works. I’m also guaranteed to get sick while traveling. June is too much of a crapshoot for weather. So April it is. I want to be traveing while I’m recovering anyway, not while training.

      I know I sound like Eeyore. But I’ve learned too many hard lessons over the past two years to make the same dumb mistakes again.

      I’ve had Green Bay and Traverse City on my short lists for late spring marathons for awhile.

      As for your blog — just don’t go all boring on us when you’re running again.

  2. Sometimes the best is the enemy of the good – pick a race, any race and do it. Regardless of your time, you’ll know how well you did with your training and race.

    If you’re in the UK in May and would like to run somewhere, anywhere – I’ll be recovering from Boston and will meet up with you!

    • Congratulations on getting into Boston! Running with other bloggers is always a good offer. I’ll be in London for most of the time, but maybe we’ll be doing a side trip too. Don’t know that it will be as far north as Lincolnshire, but I’ll nudge you as plans firm up.

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