December 11 is Take a Blogger to Lunch Day!

I’m making up this national holiday on the spot! Because I think we bloggers should take the time to a) actually meet in person and b) treat each other to a tasty and nutritious lunch.

On December 11 I will be meeting up with Pigtails Flying (whom I feel lucky to now count as a flesh and blood friend, but who started out as a “virtual friend” in the most tenuous and potentially useless sense of the term) and, dammit, I’ve decided that I’m going to treat her to lunch. Because I like her and would like to show my appreciation in this way.

December 11th’s a good day for this, incidentally, because that’s also National Noodle Ring Day. Just one of hundreds of bizarre American holidays.

Let’s all make the blogging world a friendlier, realer and more delicious place. What fellow blogger will you take to lunch next month?

Okay, okay, I’ll consult with an expert

I posted recently about how I’ve stopped weighing myself. Many moons ago, I posted about being a fat, fast runner. I thought I could live with my situation, but I’ve decided I can’t. Why? Because over the past month I’ve put on a ton of muscle from the increased frequency (and loads) of weight work, and also from all the pool running. But, as per usual, I have lost little to no fat in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. I am more or less happy with the way I look. Although now my clothes are starting not to fit anymore, which was the catalyst for doing a Google search. I’m actually getting bigger. I now have both fat and muscular bulk to contend with. You know what people say about not worrying that if you’re a woman you’ll bulk up when you do resistance training? Well, I’m bulking up.

I will be going to see a woman with lots of degrees who specializes in working with endurance athletes. She’s a triathlete herself. At least in our initial emails, I gather that the issue may not be one of “calories in vs. out” but rather “what kinds of calories and when.” Her fees are not outrageous. Her CV is impressive. It’s worth it to me to find out if I’m just metabolically screwed by nature of my genes or if I can actually do something about this situation. At the very least, going to see her for a few months will be cheaper than buying an entire new wardrobe.