NYC Marathon 2010: Faces at the Finish

Teodoro Chavez (photo by Stacey Cramp)

I’ll do a writeup on how I spent the earlier part of Marathon Day in New York. But for now, here’s a link to what I did with my afternoon and evening. I spent about two hours with photographer Stacey Cramp, interviewing runners along one of the arteries leading them off of Park Drive and out onto Central Park West.

Almost everyone was willing to spend a minute or two talking with me; just one person was too exhausted, and two others begged off only because they didn’t think their English was going to be good enough.

Stacey’s photos capture how spiritually elated, and how physically humbled, a runner can feel right after completing a marathon. I am grateful for these runners’ generosity and patience yesterday. I hope you get as much inspiration and enjoyment out of meeting them as I did.

Here’s the slideshow: NYC Marathon 2010 Faces at the Finish

6 Responses

  1. Those are great photos. I like how you all captured the “unfake” smiles that running a marathon brings with it. Very cool project.

  2. Good job! You captured and excerpted some fantastic and revealing snippets from each of the runners you interviewed. With the great photos you’ve got a very exciting project – which I hope Runners World sponsors for other marathons as well. I really hope to run New York some day.

  3. Well done. Top photographs too — I like the out-of-focus autumn leaves in the background, something you don’t see with digital snapshots. 12 of 12 was disappointing 😉

  4. It was great and now back home in Holland!.
    I make a short running New York marathon movie and i hope you like it?.

    I try to vind you by the finish but to many people.

    • Rinus, I’m sorry I missed you. I looked and had other people looking for you too. We couldn’t interview people at the finish but had to go on a side path, so I thought chances were slim. I’m glad you had such a fun race!

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