Houston, we have a problem

I’m scratching the Houston half marathon (which already represented a compromised scratch of the Houston full). At this point I’ll be lucky to get 4-5 weeks of training in for it. So now I’m setting my sights on the Napa full marathon. If I get injured again before then I’m slitting my wrists.

6 Responses

  1. Smart call!

  2. It’s the right choice, but it sucks. I’m sorry

  3. Sandra might be a good driver, but stay out of her car, or you mightn’t get to slit your wrists.

  4. I am very empathetic. My knee is not healing and I am close to the wrist stage

  5. Sorry Julie, I know this was a hard decision – albeit the right one …

    See you in Houston next year when we both will blow the socks off of our PR’s!!!

  6. Just started following – still catching up – so sorry to hear of your injury and concomitant (sp?) race cancellation woes. That sucks. But you’re doing the right thing – small comfort I’m sure.

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