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Courtesy of Rinus.

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  1. That was GREAT. Thanks, Rinus!

  2. I like that movie!.
    @Julie, sorry but my name is Rinus!.
    When i wright on a log i end whit “groet Rinus”.
    Thats means in dutch “greats from Rinus”.
    Mayby it is beter to end the next time whit only Rinus!.
    And i place your run blog on my site!.
    Happy Cristmas

  3. Rinus, I thought Groet was where you lived! Sorry about that. I’ll update so the it’s not obvious to the entire Dutch-speaking world that I don’t speak Dutch.

  4. Julie, thanks!.
    And some dutch words to you ;-).
    Fijne kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar en ga zo door met hardlopen en webloggen en je marathon zal je onder de 3:00 uur lopen!.

  5. Rinus wrote:
    “Fine kerstfeest and a happy new year and continue this way with to run and webloggen and your marathon you will run under 3:00 hour!”
    All good wishes to you in 2009 — you’ve got your own records to break.

  6. That’s hilarious. I so wanted the chick to get the final “splash” in, though!

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