Oh, Ted.

For those of you without TV or radio, the east coast is in the midst of a major snow dumping. We’ve gotten about 6 inches of snow so far, and it’s still coming down steadily. I trudged into Manhattan today via foot, train and subway to pick up my race bib and chip. Surprisingly, there were other idiots at NYRR’s offices doing the same thing. But I wonder how many of them came all the way from Westchester. I’m the biggest idiot, dammit! Me! Me!

And apparently the online world abounds with still more idiots. I’ve had hits from lots of people using keywords related to tomorrow’s NYRR race in Central Park, the Ted Corbitt 15K (formerly known as the Hot Chocolate 15K). The search referrals started last week and picked up to a frenzy (eight searches) today.

I don’t dare drive in this mess tomorrow. The traffic report today was comical: “It’s accidents, accidents, accidents all the way up the NY State Thruway and I-95!” So, I will again make my way in via shoeleather express and public transportation. And, since I’m not only racing tomorrow but also doing 9 training miles around it, I’ll need to arrive in Central Park at the ungodly hour of 7:30 at the latest. That means leaving the house by shortly before 6:00.

The alternative is doing this run inside on the treadmill. Frankly, I’d rather run with a bunch of other idiots in sub-freezing temperatures and high winds. Anyone who’s ever done an 18 mile training run on a treadmill will understand this. Besides, there’s free hot chocolate and bagels awaiting. And, if some of the faster runners turn out not to be idiots, I could always place well in my age/gender group.