Winter Basebuilding: Week 5

09spr-base-05A notable week for two reasons:

First, three days of doubles were reintroduced after many, many weeks on a luxurious once-a-day schedule; back-to-back doubles, no less. I was a little tired on Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s longish easy run. Fine by Wednesday afternoon. But Thursday’s longer session, complete with intervals, completely wiped me out. That evening I was reminded that this was how I felt all summer long. I was grateful for the little 3 miler on Friday.

The other event of note was running the Ted Corbitt 15K as a training run. I probably ran it a bit too fast, since I didn’t adjust the plan for the conditions. Or not. I’m pushing the paces slightly on all of my quicker runs these days. I can’t help myself. It’s a long way from 3:19 to 3:05 and somehow, with only five months to do it in, I feel very pressed for time.

The weather has been dreadful. We’ve had one big snowstorm, followed by a ministorm the next day. And it’s been wickedly cold. I don’t mind running in sub-zero temps, but the cold is trouble when it means the ice and snow can’t melt.

We’re in for a day or two of warmer temps and rain, so I’m hoping that will wash away a lot of the mess in the streets and on the running path.

Week 6 is another ~85 miler, with some tempo running, intervals and an 18 mile run on Sunday. And Christmas, on which I will run not once but twice.