Sammy Wanjiru interview

Nice interview with the young Olympic phenom from Kenya. Also, this piece in the Times, which I can’t see the point of — a race recap four months after the race? Must be a slow news day…

2 Responses

  1. Nice snow running pic and you looks strong and beautiful blond !.
    And Cape Town, South Africa!.
    You go for run a half marathon and Cape Town, South Africa i want to run a ultra-run for 2009…
    But the problems in that part of africa means for my that i not go to Cape Town, South Africa..
    For my it is not save.
    But normal i was go in 2009 to south africa to run a ultra run.
    And it is special because the language it is same as in the Netherlands (old dutch).

    PS, I like to see more pics on your site, thats nice !!!!

  2. It’s snowing! How does that work?

    Thanks for the link – interesting interview. His hilly long-run pace is quite slow, but 38k at 4:30s gives him much longer than the marathon by time. Flat long runs are fast though.

    Funny about not liking to run in the rain (or heat). I don’t think he’d like training where you come from!

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