Post #300

That’s right, I’ve found enough gibberish to fill 300 posts over the past few years. I have a grand total of five Bloglines subscribers, attesting to the wild popularity of this blog among runners (and my family members) the world over. Won’t you join me in celebrating my bloviations, which are anonymously spewed into the echo chamber that is the blogosphere?

The reaching of milestones often leads to philosophical ponderings and the seeking of perspective. Or it should. So, rather than “waste” this post on a workaday subject (my weekly training log, an interview with someone much faster than me, or a funny story about what I saw a squirrel do today), I’ll make some observations.

When I started writing this blog in 2006…

… I had a 32-33 inch waist. Now it’s around 28 inches in girth.

… A 10 miler was the week’s big workout; a “long” run that would knock me out for the entire day. Now it’s what I run on my recovery days.

… My resting heart rate was around 60 bpm. Now it’s at 42 on a good day, 48 when I’m tired.

… My 5 mile race pace was 8:00. My marathon race pace today is around 30 seconds per mile faster than that and dropping.

… I had shin splints. All of the time.

… I had just run my first half marathon. I was still too intimidated by the full marathon distance to conceive of running it myself.

… I was happy if I placed in the top 40% of all female finishers. My goals have gotten significantly more ambitious since then.

… It was a year in which I would run just over 1,100 miles. For 2008, I will have run over three times that distance.

… I designed my own marathon training plan and, even though I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, still managed to break four hours on a challenging course for my 2007 debut at the distance.

… I couldn’t drink water from cups during races. I still can’t without inhaling it through my nose and/or spilling it down my front.

… I thought coaches were only for the pros.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s 5:40 PM on the Sunday after Christmas, and I think that’s as good a time as any to raise a glass in honor of Post 300.

6 Responses

  1. Julie-
    I just recently found your blog and just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading through it and what an inspiration you are! Your progress and dropping race times are very impressive. As a 40+ runner myself, you’ve given me hope that it’s still possible to handle higher mileage and see improvements.

    Thanks for sharing and I will keep reading!
    Carrie Thomas

  2. I am farely new to running and I get excited at posts like these. I am encourage that improvement will happen and some of the things you listed I can apply to myself.

    I also have shin splints all of the time, and while I am much slower than you, I know that I will improve my speed!

  3. Cheers, m’dear, that is one incredibly fine list! You’ve become a whole different person in such a short time. Reading about wonderful growth like this is so hopeful, many thanks for putting it down.

  4. All I have is a stubby of Cascade light. Cheers from the echo chamber!

  5. Thanks, Flo and Ewen — and welcome, new blog readers!

  6. Cheers and have fun!.
    In that short running time so much miles.
    Some times i think that you run and training to much and i can believe you can do that.
    Go on whit this log and i like to read it!.

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