Google search oddities

Today, a hit received for:

“butter sculpture julie threlkeld”

Okay, now my secret’s out: I’ve been quietly honing my skills as a sculptress of dairy products.

Google search oddities

“new york 10k lady races”

This one, while an apt path to this blog, struck me as funny. It’s so retro. “Lady races”? For some reason, Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie spring to mind…

Google search oddities

“kick ass romper room”

I really, really, really like this one.

Google search oddities

Today’s catch phrase: “girl with bottle in groin”

I guess I picked up readers with the three key concepts: girl, bottle, groin

I’ll stop here.

Google search oddities

Today I got one hit on this phrase:

white women with nice legs .com


Google search oddities

Today I got one hit from this search string: “korean women are crazy bitches.”

Super. Awesome.