Happy trails, Runs Like a Girl

The former incarnation of this blog, Runs Like a Girl, has been sitting around on Blogger for well over a year since I moved over here and underwent a name change. Since I’m getting sick of moderating comments submitted to a dead blog, I’ve pulled the plug on the old Girl. Just so you know.

Runs Like a Girl just got faster

I’ve changed the name of this blog to Races Like a Girl. Now featuring its own shiny new domain: http://www.raceslikeagirl.com Links to the old name will redirect to this one, but you may as well update your bookmarks.

A cheery hello from the bowels of failure and disappointment

Since it’s been about six months since my last post, I’m checking in. I know you’re still reading — or at least some of you are! I got 92 hits last week alone on my wildly popular post “How to lose weight when you’re 46 years old and genetically disadvantaged.” I’m still chronically injured. I […]

Follow your heart, wherever it leads you

This post is about listening to that little, insistent voice that tells you where you should go. And also one other thing. Last summer I was pulling out of a year-long tailspin that included (not necessarily in order of importance): race failures, a horrible running injury, my coach moving away, a bad bout of major depression […]

Stuff! (product roundup)

I’ve acquired some new stuff. Let me tell you about it. First, some shoes. Right before I got injured a month ago I ordered a pair of the Saucony Type A5 (because I’m a Type A kind of person). My inherited racers, the Asics Hyperspeed 3s, aside from being man shoes, were going on three […]

Running is important but…

It’s not the most important thing right now. Jonathan said to me the other day, “You seem fairly content with your running.” I thought this was funny since I’m sort of injured at the moment. I’m still trying to get my left hamstring and my right Achilles to calm down. Fortunately, I can run through […]

Modern Stories

I now officially have too many websites. Last night I launched Modern Stories, the home of the storytelling me (not me). I’ve also created a Facebook page for this new venture, although right now it’s a little sparse. Long-time readers of this blog will recognize some pieces that have appeared here over the years. But, […]

Google Search Oddities

“after the realisation…another girl enters…cycle repeats..all over again” A heartbroken Brit, Australian, New Zealander or Canadian (probably). Poor thing.

And here we are again

I haven’t posted anything about my training (a term I’ve used loosely lately) for nearly two months. Running has not been at the forefront during this time, to say the least. But I have been doing something resembling training, if only to try to retain the 5K fitness I spent months carefully crafting in preparation […]

And now for my next disaster…

Four years ago I watched the women’s 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials race on television and, noting that a few of them were over the age of 40, thought maybe. Maybe. About six months later, when I ran a 3:19, I again thought maybe. Maybe. I embarked on the pursuit of a 2:46 marathon time, believing […]