The other side of the groin

I’ve learned a little about groin pulls this week. For one, I have a mild case. I trace it back to the half marathon in Central Park 11 days ago. A day or two after the race, I noticed a sharp pain in my inner right thigh whenever I lifted my leg, stepped sideways or […]

Well, that was alright

Today marked my tentative return to racing, hot on the heels of my tentative return to training. Tomorrow it will be six months to the day that I suffered a catastrophic fracture to my right sacrum on the hills of Central Park in the Club Championships. I have kept the racing shoes I was wearing […]

Diagnosis, prognosis and status

“Oy, my bursitis!” Listening to people talk about their medical ailments is about as much fun as walking up a broken escalator. So I’ll make this brief (brief for me, that is). I’ve seen two orthopedists (whom I’ll call Ortho 1 and Ortho 2 in the Seussian tradition). Ortho 1 is my primary giver of […]

A few minutes with Shannon Rowbury

Shannon Rowbury, 26, is one of the better known American middle distancers. You’ll mostly see her running the 1500 (where she placed 7th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics) or the mile; although she’s done well at the 3000 (winning the National Indoor Championships at that distance in 2008) and 5000 distances too, as well as […]

Training: Sept 19-Oct 9

As I type this, I am sitting in a chair with a block of synthetic ice wrapped around my right upper hamstring and groin. I’ve tried to avoid my naughty bits, but to effectively ice your groin (more specifically, adductor) muscles, you need to let things slide a little geographically, as it were. You know, […]

“Balls!” said the Queen. “If I had two I’d be King.”

I’d be satisfied with having just two (although, actually, I’m totally okay with not having any of my own). But now I have six! As it turns out, round objects are essential for any runner’s development — and this is even more the case when that runner happens to be struggling with an injury. To […]

Google search oddities

Today’s catch phrase: “girl with bottle in groin” I guess I picked up readers with the three key concepts: girl, bottle, groin I’ll stop here.

Fall Training: Week 8

This week was a planned recovery week, although it featured exceptionally low mileage due to lingering issues with my hamstring. Interestingly, after watching Paula Radcliffe drop off to fourth place due to a hamstring problem in today’s New York Marathon, I can understand how that happens. It’s possible to run with a problem hamstring, but […]

Spring Race Training: Week 18 / Taper Week 2

This should be short. Because I only ran about 39 miles this week. I’m headed into full on taper madness, much as I’ve tried to avoid it. Where should I start? I feel fat and slow (I’ve been reassured that this is a good sign). Where making lists and plans typically calm me, they’ve had […]

Race Report: 2009 New Jersey Half Marathon

You asked for it, so here it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. On Sunday I ran the New Jersey Half Marathon in Long Branch, NJ. This was my second go round for this race. Last year, I ran this half a month after a very good marathon. I was rested, but with […]