Race Report: Sunset & Suds 5K

Racing a 5K while trying to peak for a road mile probably wasn’t the wisest move. Conventional training wisdom would probably dictate shorter, faster work in the weeks leading up to the Fifth Avenue Mile (which is next Saturday). But following conventional training wisdom has often been a crapshoot for me, so I figured I’d […]

Race Report or whatever: the Brooklyn Half

A three hour tour. A THREE HOUR TOUR!!! No, it didn’t take me three hours to run a half marathon (I came in a shade under two hours), but it did take me three hours to get home. And that was too damned long. The actual race was the least interesting part of today. So […]

Random bloviations

Here’s my version of a Larry King column. Heavy on personal pronouns, inanity and randomness. I use my Exogen 4000 bone stimulator daily. Sometimes twice a day. Is it working? I have no idea. Did you know these expensive devices only have about 170 uses? Then their internal battery goes dead. The maker claims you […]

Adventures with Ambien

Last night I had my first ever “bizarre behavior on Ambien” event. I got home from the Runner’s World party at about 10:30. My brain was abuzz with activity. I’m always overstimulated after going to a party of any kind. I knew I wouldn’t be able to switch it off. I also had been drinking […]

Failed Fiction: “Human Resources”

I sometimes try my hand at fiction. It’s a huge struggle and I usually end up hating what I’ve written anyway, so it’s a rare outing for me. I was going to start up a separate website for my failed stories. But I already have too many websites to maintain properly and I don’t need […]

“Balls!” said the Queen. “If I had two I’d be King.”

I’d be satisfied with having just two (although, actually, I’m totally okay with not having any of my own). But now I have six! As it turns out, round objects are essential for any runner’s development — and this is even more the case when that runner happens to be struggling with an injury. To […]

Recipe: Spicy cabbage salad

It’s been about four years since I posted a recipe here. Believe it or not, I do cook and I cook pretty well. Here’s a salad I’ve been living on for the past few weeks. Since it’s 8,000 degrees here most days, it’s been good to have something you can eat cold. Spicy Cabbage Salad […]

Guest Post: The wee bunny gets a lesson in endurance

After 8 months of chemo in 2008, followed by pelvic-tissue-destroying rads and chemo in fall, then pelvis-mostly-removing surgery in spring 2009, I went for my first run since 2005 with my boyfriend’s leggy athletic pothead daughter. It was October 2009. In the past year, I’d been through times when I had almost no platelets, white […]

Google search oddities

Today’s catch phrase: “girl with bottle in groin” I guess I picked up readers with the three key concepts: girl, bottle, groin I’ll stop here.

Guest Post: 2001 Boston Marathon Race Report

Coach Kevin sent this to me and another runner he coaches, Kim Duclos, apropos of nothing. I love a good race report and this accounting of his personal best at Boston is a doozy. It’s also not anywhere on the web, which I think is a minor crime. With his permission, here it is. I’ve […]