The slacker marathon

Here’s a brand new race: The Thanksgiving Marathon. It’s a trail run in Van Cortlandt Park on Thanksgiving morning. You can run a 10K, a half marathon, a marathon, a marathon relay. Or whatever. No one cares. No one’s timing you. You will have no bib. There are no winners. There are no awards. The course is marked with flour. It’s totally free.

If you finish, you’ll get a commemorative fork to use later in the day.

How fucking awesome it this? It’s pretty fucking awesome.

Please run this race so they do it again next year. Because I really want to run it next year.

It's forking awesome.

In other areas of New York racing, we had a lively discussion this evening on the NY Running Podcast. Among other topics, Steve of NYCRuns told us about a boutique marathon in Brooklyn that he’s helping to organize. We pondered the pros and cons of a second New York Marathon in the spring. Many of us plugged the amazing (and less crowded, and often cheaper) racing scene available outside of Manhattan, in Rockland, Northern Westchester, New Jersey, Long Island and Connectiticut. And Joe of RunWestchester proposed a club-based Ekiden in Central Park. This last idea is something I could get behind. Who’s in?

This podcast is for you, New York area runners. We’re aiming to make it a weekly thing (although we’re taking next week off for the holiday). Help us make it interesting and relevant by lending your ideas and voices.


NY Running on TalkShoe

The New York Running Podcast Page

Discussion thread for upcoming NY Running podcast topics on NYCRuns

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