A year ago…

A blogger I follow had a short post up last night that was a look back through key times in her running life. Unfortunately, the post has disappeared. Maybe I’m not the only one who “Ambien posts.”

I like the idea, though. So here’s my walk backward along my blog’s November garden stones:

A year ago, I was injured with a tendon problem on my foot. This was three weeks before the California International Marathon. That would turn out to be a dreadful race, one that made me rethink everything.

Two years ago,  I hired my first coach. I was still on a post-race high from running 3:19 at Steamtown. I also had a cold.

Three years ago, I won my first age group award. This race was the culmination of many months of base training as I prepared to do my first proper marathon training cycle for a spring 2008 race (the More Marathon, in which I would easily qualify for Boston).

Four year ago, I was racing lots of local Turkey Trots. My race pace for a flat 5 miler was about 8:00. This blog was about six months old at that time. I was still fat and slow. But I was determined to improve. Four years on, I still am.

5 Responses

  1. This is a good idea for a blog post. I am going to pilfer it and attempt to revitalize my old blog.

  2. Weren’t you just running like a girl in the old day?

  3. I like this post and you can look back.
    You can run fast and i think you are a marathon runner.
    But i now that you train to much running miles in the week in the past., thats because of that injury.
    Also running on a treadmill is not always good and is different from running outside.

    This is all plain text on the computer and would like to say to you what I think about running and the marathon.
    I’m sure you have talent to quickly run the marathon, only slightly less training hard and feeling run!.

    I love to visit your blog, instructive.

    Rinus, only 5 years to run.

  4. You will (improve).

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