Running Times: Tamara Karrh profile is up!

My profile of Houston Hopeful Tamara Karrh is up on the Running Times website.

This is old news (especially since Tamara already ran the Twin Cities race the article mentions anticipatorily*). But what the hell. I thought it was worth posting for anyone who doesn’t get the print edition.

Running Times > Tamara Karrh Training for the Trials


*You like that? That right there is a thirty dollar word.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent piece! Great details…the possums, 10-K times (geez what improvement), her having not heard of Running Times, etc. More articles like this and Running Times may get a few more subscribers!

  2. We get the print edition… on the slow boat from China. And there aren’t any hyperlinks in the print edition.

    Her early 10k times were modest, but she’s talented, having won races in high school. Can’t believe she hadn’t heard of Running Times! Interesting sample week. 24 miles is a solid weekly long run.

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