Boring vacation photos: Siletz Bay, OR

Some snaps from Siletz Bay, near Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.


The 137 billionth photo of this jut of land ever taken.


Which is more horrifying: a 50 foot high wave or this illustration of a 50 foot high wave?

5 Responses

  1. Hmm, I think the actual 50-footer might scare me quite a bit before drowning me. The about-to-be-engulfed runner on the right is showing quite good form, though 🙂
    One of those would sure mess up your marathon:

    Mile 18: 4:30 pace (fleeing from tsunami).
    Mile 19: 12:30

  2. Actually, depending on the course, that tsunami could serve as the ultimate tailwind. It might look more like this:

    Mile 18: 7:05 (Looking back in horror at tsunami)
    Mile 19: 2:00 (Wondering where the mile 19.5 water stop went)

  3. Good luck and enjoy the race! It will be more fun for you than most b/c you are so well prepared.

  4. 7:05? You wouldn’t speed up just a bit? Good pacing discipline!

  5. Jim beat me to it – I was going to mention the man’s good running form. I remember reading a sign like that – I think it was further south though.

    Anyway, have a happy tsunami-free race. I won’t bother searching for “athlete tracking”.

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