More anxiety-ridden overanalysis

Sometimes my legs feel pretty good. Other times, they feel like crap. What does that mean? Does it mean anything? Surely it must.

My resting heart rate in the morning is all over the place. But that may be due to hitting the booze some nights and not others. Or is it?

My chosen racing shorts made me look thin the other day. Today they made me look fat. But why?

The weather forecast for Saturday in Newport says “low 53, high 62.” How is that even possible?

Should I eat pizza on the drive from Portland to Newport or is that overdoing it on the carbohydrate loading? Speaking of which, should I do the full deplete phase? That will just make me really bitchy. Probably. (I think.)

Will I be able to buy Swedish Fish in Newport? What happens if I can’t? Maybe I should buy it here and travel with it. In my carryon. In case my luggage is lost.

Does Airborne really work? Or is it a load of crap? I should take it anyway. Or should I?

Should I kill myself now? Or wait for a few more days on the off chance that my suffering will abate? What if it gets worse? Then I’ll really regret not having killed myself now…