More anxiety-ridden overanalysis

Sometimes my legs feel pretty good. Other times, they feel like crap. What does that mean? Does it mean anything? Surely it must.

My resting heart rate in the morning is all over the place. But that may be due to hitting the booze some nights and not others. Or is it?

My chosen racing shorts made me look thin the other day. Today they made me look fat. But why?

The weather forecast for Saturday in Newport says “low 53, high 62.” How is that even possible?

Should I eat pizza on the drive from Portland to Newport or is that overdoing it on the carbohydrate loading? Speaking of which, should I do the full deplete phase? That will just make me really bitchy. Probably. (I think.)

Will I be able to buy Swedish Fish in Newport? What happens if I can’t? Maybe I should buy it here and travel with it. In my carryon. In case my luggage is lost.

Does Airborne really work? Or is it a load of crap? I should take it anyway. Or should I?

Should I kill myself now? Or wait for a few more days on the off chance that my suffering will abate? What if it gets worse? Then I’ll really regret not having killed myself now…

14 Responses

  1. Lol, so just the same stuff that goes though our heads before a big event. I wonder how much tapering contributes to it all. πŸ˜›

    I’d be concerned if you worried or anxious! πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ You’re a hoot.

    Good luck, both with the race, and with the pre-race insanity.

  3. #1. Bring the Swedish Fish with you in your carry-on.

    #2. Don’t kill yourself–kill someone else.

  4. Taper coming along nicely, then?

  5. Costco, then this…you’re on a roll. May you find a moment of peace between those two ears of yours.

  6. Now is actually the perfect time to go to Costco, when it’s busy.

  7. You forgot “Should I go out for one last 20 miler?”

    Can’t help you with “Airborne” – we’re not big on drugs down here.

    Don’t kill yourself. Just kill your coach if you don’t run a PB.

  8. Ah… the big bad taper rears it’s ugly head again. Don’t let yourself get too stressed out… You’ve put in a ton of miles training for this thing and are going to be fine.

    Definitely bring the Swedish Fish with you if that’s a pre-race snack you want. There’s nothing worse than trying to track down specific foods in a random city.

    And, I’d avoid the pizza because of the dairy, not because of the carbs. But, then again, I have the exact opposite of an iron stomach.

    • Thanks, Robert. I always forget how horrible the last week (or two) of tapering is. Kind of like how I forget how horrible the last few miles of a marathon are.

      Pizza is two days prior, so I think I should be okay. (Tip: never, ever eat kung pao chicken the night before a big race.)

      I eat Swedish Fish because I did an analysis of carbs-to-calorie ratios in foods that supply simply carbohydrates. Swedish Fish topped all other candies surveyed (with Twizzlers and Skittles a close second and third). This is the only time of year that I get to eat candy — fortunately, I like Swedish Fish.

  9. I think you should focus on simpler questions. Like the existence of God and finding a word that rhymes with orange.

  10. Don’t worrie and do eat what you always eat and do nothing strange…
    You can do it!.

  11. @Julie, i have fun when i read your reaction, you like a young girl that have her first kiss on 30 may 2009 ;-).

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