New half marathon PR…and yet…despair

I’ll post a longer review soon. The long and short of it is, I did get a new PR at the half distance today, albeit a slight one (24 seconds). But it was not the race I’d hoped for. I have theories about what went wrong but I’m waiting to pass final judgment until after some further examination and discussion with my crack team of advisors.

It’s funny how capricious an experience racing can be. You just never know what’s going to happen. Today was definitely an “off” day. I’m just trying to sort out how much of what made it “off” were due to things I could predict and influence.

Congratulations to those who actually had good races today! Ari of RunAnskyRun hit a new PR in the full version of the race I ran today, running in shitty conditions no less. And Flo of GirlInMotion swept the awards, got a new PR and even won some greenbacks in Allentown today.