New half marathon PR…and yet…despair

I’ll post a longer review soon. The long and short of it is, I did get a new PR at the half distance today, albeit a slight one (24 seconds). But it was not the race I’d hoped for. I have theories about what went wrong but I’m waiting to pass final judgment until after some further examination and discussion with my crack team of advisors.

It’s funny how capricious an experience racing can be. You just never know what’s going to happen. Today was definitely an “off” day. I’m just trying to sort out how much of what made it “off” were due to things I could predict and influence.

Congratulations to those who actually had good races today! Ari of RunAnskyRun hit a new PR in the full version of the race I ran today, running in shitty conditions no less. And Flo of GirlInMotion swept the awards, got a new PR and even won some greenbacks in Allentown today.

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  1. Aargh, so sorry it wasn’t your day out there. I’m anxious to read what your thoughts are on what might have gone down. Whatever the reason, you are a true fastie no matter what, so don’t let this race shake you. Instead, have many beers and come back with your findings.

  2. It’s a tuneup, right? You’ll straighten it out in good time for the big one (and maybe another tuneup?)

  3. Oh no, its contagious!!! That’s exactly what happened to me last weekend – a 10 second PR but not the 2 minute PR I was hoping/planning for.

    Felt just a little bit off the whole time, not my best/freshest/perkiest – you, too?

    I’m so sorry to hear about your disappointment, as well, and I completely understand that you are going to hear congrats from everyone when they realize you PRed but it still doesn’t change the fact that it still wasn’t what you *wanted*.

  4. Congrats and a good time.
    I now that you can run a PR today.
    And oké, it was not your day and race, but a good job.
    Hope to see the long post!!!.

  5. Sorry about that. I hope your team can come up with some answers. I’d be asking things like “were you rested enough?” – training through races is fraught with danger – sometimes you race well, sometimes you don’t. Nothing beats two rest (or very easy) days prior to a race. Did you wear the HRM? If the ave HR was below what you’d expect, that could indicate “running tired”.

    • Actually, HR was above what I would have expected — way above what it should have been for the pace I was running. I was surprised I could run at a high effort (avg. 90%, up to 93% for a few miles) without succumbing to fatigue, which is what I was expecting to happen.

  6. Sorry to hear the run wasn’t what you had hoped it would be. Way to get a P.R. on an off day, though. That’s always a plus.

  7. I am interested to hear why you think you had such an off day. A PR is still a PR, but I know what you mean, Matt from Dump Runners Club calls those “the worst PRs ever.”

    Nevertheless, I still sit in awe of you.

  8. Hi,

    I had the same problem in the NJ Marathon on Sunday. My time was right on the money for the half but I lost 19 minutes on the second half as the rain kept coming harder and the miles kept getting longer. The official results haven’t been posted yet but I’m about 5 minutes off my PR. See you in the ING NYC Marathon in the fall.

  9. I’m not trying to throw your own words back at you, but there is an excellent quote by Joan Benoit Samuelson on your “races” page. There are so many reasons why races don’t unfold as we would like. Sounds like the rain was a major factor, for one. As others have pointed out, the big race comes later this month. Good luck!

    • Thanks, OSR. That quote was very much in my mind over the past day. Believe me, I’m taking it to heart and currently working on what I can learn from this.

  10. […] on the race course and so I congratulate AG from RunAnskyRun on his PR at the New Jersey Marathon, JT on her PR at the New Jersey Half-Marathon, RunDangerously on his near-BQ at the Long Island […]

  11. This post has gotten 71 views today alone. What the heck?

    • I’m waiting for follow-up thoughts and dissections, was thinking you’d post some bon mots in the replies. That’s my excuse, anyway. 🙂

  12. If the HR is higher than usual, that could be a sign of impending sickness (swine flu?), a sign of the speedwork kicking in (perhaps not in this case), or a sign of overtraining.

  13. Congratulations on your PR!

  14. And congrats whit your visiters Blog PR ;-).

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