Pre-race potpourri

A paella of posts, if you will.

So, I spent the weekend tackling a to do list that rivalled Santa’s. But I got almost everything done. And I took a two hour nap yesterday too. All I remember was entering the bedroom with the sincere intent of cleaning it, but instead lying down and waking up two hours later.

Some random things:

I did my last fast run before Saturday just now. The assignment was seven miles with three at 7:00. I did the three on a windy track and managed 7:05 avg pace. The wind was about 10mph, but with faster gusts. I had a choice: Either slow down or just go ahead and run the planned pace and work a little harder. I choose the latter option, primarily because I wanted to remind myself that if come race morning it’s windy not to be a fool and try to run planned pace anyway.

Upon checking the data, my suspicions were correct: I was running at 92-93% MHR, so my little three miler was more like a tempo run than an MPace effort. Unfortunately, the forecast for Newport is showing wind. But it’s still four days away. At the very least, I’m mentally prepared to adjust plans if need be, with a recent physical “memory” of what it will feel like if I don’t as reinforcer. I’m determined to have a good race, not just a PR, but also a race where I don’t suffer unduly as I have done in varying degrees in three of my four marathons. I think that’s what they call running a “smart” race.

On another note, I started reading Lorraine Moller’s memoir On the Wings of Mercury. I’m about 30 pages in, but so far I am blown away by what an excellent piece of work it is. With a few exceptions, running memoirs typically range from the flat out terrible (Dick Beardsley’s) to the merely pedestrian (Joan Benoit’s, Grete Waitz’s). Moller’s book, though, is a revelation of outstanding writing and expert storytelling. She did not use a ghostwriter, as I’d suspected as soon as I started reading it. She’s just an extremely talented writer. She’s also very funny. I’m looking forward to digging into this one on the plane. The book is not yet released in the US, but I managed to order a copy from Newton Running.

Finally, I’m in day two of carbohydrate depletion. A few years ago, in one of my many failed attempts to lose fat, I went on a low carb diet for several months. I lost weight, but not fat (I was about 8 lbs lighter than I am now, but I wore larger clothes). I have no clue as to how I tolerated it. I felt okay on the run, but toward the end I felt lightheaded. I’m also sick of eating nuts, cheese, eggs and meat already, and it’s only been about 36 hours. Thank goodness I can hit the bagels and fruit again tomorrow.

Swedish Fish have been purchased. House/catsitter has been arranged. Airport taxi has been reserved. All systems are go.

18 Responses

  1. Good move on the Fish. I live on the West Coast, and asked our office candy expert. He hadn’t heard of them. Depletion supposedly has an immune-suppressing side effect, so watch out for that.

  2. Looks like you’re ready to rock! Looks like a fantastic course and run. Finish Strong!

  3. I’ve never read a running memoir… is this one a nice one to cut my teeth on?

  4. I got goosebumps reading this one, the clock is ticking down, Swedish Fish in hand, there’s nothing to do now but race. I’m sure you’ll have another post before lift-off, but here’s a Tuesday GOOD LUCK! for you anyway. Woohoo!!

  5. Have a good one Julie. I expect to read about a huge PB. No pressure though. Thanks for the tip about Lorraine Moller’s book – sounds like a great read.

    Oh yes, have you packed the swine flu masks?

    • I’d figured you’d heard of it, since it’s a huge best seller in New Zealand. That’s the same country as Australia, right?

      I’ve packed the swine flu masks, the delousers and the 1920’s full body diving suits and helmets.

  6. What are Swedish Fish?

  7. Julie, Before you go to Newport!, goodluck whit your marathon and you can do it.
    Race like a girl and you run a PR and a good marathon time.
    Have a nice time and goodluck.
    I go on Friday to Paris for the ROPArun to Rotterdam and read your blog on Monday.
    You can do it.

  8. Sounds like you’re ready to go. I’m very anxious to hear how it goes. I’ll be hoping for good weather in Oregon this weekend. Good luck!

  9. So exciting!!! I am really giving you great thoughts as you wind down towards the weekend.

    (interesting on the low-carb no fat-loss thing…. would have thought it would be the other way around)

    Take care and enjoy the fishes.

  10. Them thar is fightin’ words Miss Julie! It’s like if I asked a Canadian tourist “Are you from Texas?”

    We only get quirky news from our neighbours across the ditch – such as this:

    By the way, I have great mates who are New Zealanders. In the Olympics we don’t care who “wins” as long as we beat New Zealand!

    • I knew that would get your riled up, Ewen. On a somewhat related note, I live with a long-removed Brit. He gets very upset when he’s mistaken for Australian (no offense intended).

  11. None taken. Many of us have British ancestors. Poms are OK – except when they whinge or beat us at cricket.

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