I’m not running today.

This is the first day in 20 weeks that I’ve not gone for a run.

It feels really weird.

5 Responses

  1. Rest day, thats good and you can sleep hole day ;-).
    Now 2 weeks to go for the marathon and dont worry about it.
    You train a lot and you can do it.
    It is not only your training and body, but what you think in your head when you run the marathon!.
    When it is going heavy, dont stop, dont walk , but run and think that you strong to do it.
    You can do it.
    I can do run a PR on the marathon and at last i run a marathon < 3:30 hour….
    I am happy so you can do it and run whit your head.

  2. 20 weeks is a very long time. I also didn’t run today. It was the first time since Friday. 🙂

    Good luck getting through the start of the taper.

  3. 20 weeks! ::bowing emoticon::

  4. Holy smokes that’s a long streak. 140 days? Is that your PB?

    • Yes it is! And I wasn’t trying to streak. I just had no off days in my training and was lucky enough not to get injured for this cycle.

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