“Julie! Your bad photos are ready!”

Does anyone really get excited when they get the notice that their race photos are available? I always look horrible in all of mine. I’m fatter than I think I am, I look ungainly (legs either splayed or in a semi-collapsed state, arms akimbo) and, of course, I’m never wearing the look of quiet determination I hope for. Instead, I look like I’m either in extreme pain, in the early stages of food poisoning, or someone has just told me a very bad joke.

Here’s the latest batch of pictoral humiliations. Jesus.

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  1. You look great! I actually like 010 quite a lot.

  2. Julie, about who you are talking???.You looks good and a nice race pics to see!.
    I like pic 47193-061-010 and 47193-250-029 .
    Oké, pic 47193-1732-004 you looks blurred ;-).
    maybe you can use the pic for your blog?.
    Have a nice weekend and you are not fat!.

  3. This is so funny. I feel the exact same way. I swear, I will NEVER purchase a race photo. I’m always beet-red, fat and angry looking. Even when I notice the photographer and I try to smile, I still end up looking like crap.

    You do look good in 47193-061-010 though.

  4. Okay, I’ll give you 010 as not being horrible. I guess it was obliterated by all the really bad ones.

    If you really want a laugh, take a look at the athlete bios for the 2008 Women’s Olympic Trials sometime. No one is immune to looking bad when running hard, it seems.

  5. “I’m always beet-red, fat and angry looking”

    As if there’s a better way to go through life.

  6. I think they look fine.

    And, I think “pained” is exactly the right look to have. I knew I had taken a step forward in my running when my boyfriend pointed out that my newer race photos all looked like I was in agonizing pain.

  7. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I look at mine and think, “How the hell do I manage to get down the street with form that bad?” The only consolation comes from looking at shots of people who beat me and thinking, “No one who looks worse finished ahead of me.”

  8. Haha I was thinking the same thing about my race pictures. Since when do I have a double chin? Why are my thighs ginormous? I try to smile and wave, but they never seem to capture those happy moments, just the pain and exhaustion.

  9. You’re a good sport for posting the link! Wendi Ray’s is truly horrible. 061-010 was OK, as was 1231 – 021 (although overexposed).

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but is your weight the same as 12 months ago? You look like you’re a little over “ideal” racing weight – maybe 5 to 6 kgs. But you wouldn’t want to be “dieting” (apart from cutting down beer, cheese, sweets) 😉

    The “used to it” gene in the body is a problem. When we increase something (volume, intensity, long runs), weight comes off, but once the body gets used to “it” the body seems to get by on fewer calories.

    • Ewen, no offense taken. I know I’m over ideal race weight (in terms of the fat I’m carrying) and it frustrates me to no end. Believe me, I have tried all manner of losing it, at one point cutting too many calories (I lost muscle but not fat). I’m still cutting a bit, but with no real results.

      A nutritionist I contacted said one’s previous behavior can permanently affect fat-related genetics going forward. In my case, I put on weight in my late teens and only added to it over the next 20 years. So it may be impossible for me to get rid of it at this point.

      Over this season’s training I’ve actually gained weight, but clothes are smaller. I don’t look much different, but I’ve got a lot more muscle on my legs these days (under that fat).

  10. That’s interesting regarding previous behaviour.

    It’s something I wouldn’t dare mention to a teenage female athlete. Good news that the clothes are smaller – the gained weight is probably muscle due to the musle-type training (speedwork) you’ve been doing fairly regularly.

    Something that might be worth running by Kevin – back to back long runs on the weekend (say 18 miles Sat, 18 miles Sun) – that’s something ultra runners do to get the fat burning kicking in. The first run could be a more specific run with some MP-type running, while the second could be very slow to extend the duration. Your glycogen stores would be very low (if you didn’t eat big Sat night) at the start of the Sunday run. I think that would fit better than the other option of running ultra distances (5 hour runs).

    Anyway, don’t be discouraged – it might just take longer to reach your ideal racing weight.

  11. What struck me about these pictures is not your appearance. After all, we never look as good as we want to in these pictures. What’s interesting is that all of them are unobstructed: no one is in between you and the camera. It seems that so many of my pictures have someone in front of me.

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