Whooee, it’s cold!

But I don’t care. I got to run outside for the first time in a week and I hope to do it again tomorrow. Seven degrees with the windchill? No problem! I’ve got thermal running pants and all manner of layering from Patagonia, Craft, Smartwool and UnderArmour, plus Little Hotties for my hands. I am a moving billboard of adverts for foul weather clothiers.

I did 11 miles on a slightly altered version of my six mile loop that winds through Scarsdale and White Plains. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll do 20 there again. We’re slated to get some days above freezing next week. Let’s hope that between that and some sun the layer(s) of ice that cover my usual running path will go away.

I got my training schedule for the next 12 weeks and it’s impressive. To cope with it, I think of it in the abstract, as though someone else will be following it, although that’s going to have to stop starting on Monday. As I’d anticipated, I’ll be back up to 100 mile weeks, and doing longer intervals, plus lots more longer running at or near marathon pace. I registered for the series of races in Connecticut and Central Park that will, with little exception, serve as Mpace training runs. I’ll race a couple of them, though.

Overall, my trepidation is outweighed by my excitement and eagerness to get rolling. I just hope my body plays nice with my brain.

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  1. My only mistake running 10 miles today was not using hand warmers like you or wind blocking mittens over gloves. At least I won’t be slipping and sliding through the Boston Buildup 15K on Sunday since it was postponed to next Sunday.

  2. I’m trepidatious just reading about your training 😉

    Having most of the races as Mpace runs is a great idea. It’s so much easy to keep rolling along when running with people – especially as most runners tend to slow in the second half of races.

    If only they had little hotties during my motorcycle touring days!

  3. It’s also easy to type easy when you meant to type easier.

  4. It’s inspiring to see yo take on this heavy-duty program, particularly with long MP runs. Keep those updates coming!

  5. Ah, disassociation…so handy for scary situations. 🙂 But this won’t be scary for you, you’ve ramped up to it beautifully, everything’s in place for starting the Big Plan.

    Can’t wait to read your weekly training updates, hoping for more day to day insights as well.

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