BQ stats, plus a handy reference

Jim2 has updated his excellent statistical examination of Boston Qualifying races and times to include 2008 figures.

And for those of you looking for easy award pickings, this handy chart showing winning times (open and by age group) for the 226 US marathons included in his study can help you plan your next smackdown.

Who knows? With just a little more training, maybe you could be the next Kelly Jaske.

The week so far

Just a little post, since it feels odd not to post something.

Today I am celebrating:

  • The swift, smart policy actions our new President has taken already, less than 48 hours since taking his oath of office.
  • Having finally, and successfully, presented a project proposal to some execs at Large Anonymous Corporation (where I contract as a web editorial content yeoman and quartermaster, and now it seems, web metrics maven as well) — a meeting that has been cancelled multiple times and thus has been hanging over my head (and haunting my dreams) for the past month.
  • It’s Thursday! And that’s so much better than Wednesday!
  • Two days of forecasts above freezing and no precipitation on the near horizon. Perhaps our running path and track will actually be clear next week.
  • A weight loss of 4 lbs. since New Year’s Day including a 0.5%  fat loss. I’ll blow it somewhat this weekend, as it’s Jonathan’s birthday, which includes plans for cake, ice cream, wine, beer and tequila(!). But I’ll be back on the wagon next week.
  • The return to training (and, soon, racing) of Joe Garland. I barely know Joe, but I am looking forward to seeing him again on the roads and at races.

I’ve been stuck inside on the treadmill so far this week. But that’s been fine. It’s a recovery week, so I’ve spent most of those miles zoned out in front of a movie at recovery or easy pace. I did a fast finish easy run on Tuesday that felt a little too easy. This morning I’m doing a longer easy run again with two intervals of 1 mile at 6:40 pace with a 3:00 rest. I’ll see if that feels easy (ha ha).

Sunday is my first real race since the Steamtown Marathon: The Manhattan Half Marathon in Central Park. I had a good race there last year and, weather permitting, I hope to do well again this year. I don’t have time goals yet, and I may even just run this by heart rate.

Either way, I don’t want to waste the opportunity to race all out. I’ll be running three more races in the coming couple of months, but those will be training runs. The next actual race is in late March, a 30K in Connecticut, nine weeks after Sunday’s half. It should be very interesting to compare relative performances between the two.