Winter Basebuilding: Week 8

09spr-base-08And so we hit the two month mark. Last week marked my highest mileage week in four months: 90 miles and change. This was fine — in fact, 60 miles a week is beginning to feel a little “light.” The workouts went swimmingly, save for one (more on that in a moment) and the recovery runs were not a burden.

I already posted about my magical run last Tuesday. Friday wasn’t bad either. I did five 5:00 intervals at 5K effort (notice a theme here?). They were slower than I wanted due to high winds. If I have a track workout, you can guarantee it will be a windy day. Kite flying societies should set their schedules by my running calendar.

I dealt with two days of largish doubles inbetween the two speedy sessions. But the chickens came home to roost on Sunday morning, when I attempted 20 miles with 15:00 faster minutes at the end.

Unfortunately, I had to run the whole thing inside on the treadmill (on account of yet another snowstorm overnight). I didn’t feel great to start with and was basically ready to quit by about mile 14. But I soldiered on and attempted 15 minutes at 5K-8K “effort” which on Sunday apparently meant “run 40 seconds per mile slower than you’d planned.”

It was demoralizing, to say the least. On the other hand, it was a big week and I probably wore myself out between Tuesday’s rocket run and Friday’s windy intervals more than I’d thought. At least I tried.

This week, Week 9, is another 90 miler with faster running today and on Thursday (but only one day of doubles, tomorrow). Then another 20 miler on Sunday. I hope I can run that one outside, but it’s not looking good.

And then…and then…I get my real marathon training plan and presumably kick everything up a notch.

I got a call today from the agency through which I have my contract gig. My contact there wants to meet me for lunch (which of course makes me immediately paranoid that I’m about to be let go — isn’t this economy great?). I couldn’t commit to a date later this month because I don’t have my marathon training schedule. That’s how much my life revolves around running. Is that sad? I guess it’s better than having a life that revolves around television programming…or…ugh…work.