Winter Basebuilding: Week 8

09spr-base-08And so we hit the two month mark. Last week marked my highest mileage week in four months: 90 miles and change. This was fine — in fact, 60 miles a week is beginning to feel a little “light.” The workouts went swimmingly, save for one (more on that in a moment) and the recovery runs were not a burden.

I already posted about my magical run last Tuesday. Friday wasn’t bad either. I did five 5:00 intervals at 5K effort (notice a theme here?). They were slower than I wanted due to high winds. If I have a track workout, you can guarantee it will be a windy day. Kite flying societies should set their schedules by my running calendar.

I dealt with two days of largish doubles inbetween the two speedy sessions. But the chickens came home to roost on Sunday morning, when I attempted 20 miles with 15:00 faster minutes at the end.

Unfortunately, I had to run the whole thing inside on the treadmill (on account of yet another snowstorm overnight). I didn’t feel great to start with and was basically ready to quit by about mile 14. But I soldiered on and attempted 15 minutes at 5K-8K “effort” which on Sunday apparently meant “run 40 seconds per mile slower than you’d planned.”

It was demoralizing, to say the least. On the other hand, it was a big week and I probably wore myself out between Tuesday’s rocket run and Friday’s windy intervals more than I’d thought. At least I tried.

This week, Week 9, is another 90 miler with faster running today and on Thursday (but only one day of doubles, tomorrow). Then another 20 miler on Sunday. I hope I can run that one outside, but it’s not looking good.

And then…and then…I get my real marathon training plan and presumably kick everything up a notch.

I got a call today from the agency through which I have my contract gig. My contact there wants to meet me for lunch (which of course makes me immediately paranoid that I’m about to be let go — isn’t this economy great?). I couldn’t commit to a date later this month because I don’t have my marathon training schedule. That’s how much my life revolves around running. Is that sad? I guess it’s better than having a life that revolves around television programming…or…ugh…work.

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  2. Wouldn’t they just TELL you if you were fired? Nobody’s ever taken me to lunch to lay me off…not even coffee.

    Anyway, I’m glad it’s going so well for you on the road/treadmill! Warmer days are coming, I promise. We’re sending our weather east.

  3. No, not sad at all!

    It does look like a bit of wearing out syndrome to me. Saturday’s recovery run pace is quick compared to the other recovery runs. Do you think you would have run better on Sunday if Saturday had been 6 miles slow (9:50ish pace)? The pace of your other recovery runs was slow, that’s all.

    Lunch could be good or bad. Let’s hope you’re not based in North Korea:

  4. Suz, I arrived at the same conclusion. Why drive to another state and pay for my food just to fire me? It gets better — now there are rumors of massive layoffs at the Massive Global Corporation for which I contract. D-Day is apparently 1/23 — so I’ll see what happens next Friday.

    And, Ewen, I do think Sunday was an off day due to the previous days’ efforts. The recovery run was remarkably quick on Saturday (but it was at a low heart rate, so I went with it). I did wonder if I’d pay for that.

    The treadmill is just not reliable as a training “partner.” I always perform better outside. I guess it’s good things are the other way around, considering that I can’t race on a treadmill…

  5. Agreed that a face-to-face would be highly unusual for a firing. Maybe the layoffs end up boosting your gig, like now you have to write some fluff pieces about how great their company is in it’s new, streamlined condition (cough).

    There was some chatter in the Women’s BQ thread at RW yesterday about treadmill vs. outside. Every single one of those ladies said it’s harder to run on the treadmill, they go slower and their HR gets more elevated.

    Great training week, 90.3 miles…wow.

  6. I agree with Flo. You might be getting extra or different work because of layoffs.
    Really good job on the 90 miles, Do you normally split your recovery runs into two sessions? That’s kinda interesting.

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