BQ stats, plus a handy reference

Jim2 has updated his excellent statistical examination of Boston Qualifying races and times to include 2008 figures.

And for those of you looking for easy award pickings, this handy chart showing winning times (open and by age group) for the 226 US marathons included in his study can help you plan your next smackdown.

Who knows? With just a little more training, maybe you could be the next Kelly Jaske.

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  1. I can run “the lost dutchman”marathon!, i hope i can find the way 😉 hahaha.
    I wait one year for boston, than i can run 3:30 or faster!..
    It is not so easy to Qualifying for Boston, but i can do it..

  2. Rinus, in the words of our new Prez: “Yes, you can!”

    Thanks for the link, Flo! She’s adorable, and so modest. I love how she had no idea that she could be running a world championship if she wants to.

  3. What’s with No. 148? 50-54 25 minutes faster than 45-49. Get me drug testing!

  4. I dunno. The guy must sleep in formaldehyde or something.

  5. We 50-54 year olds are highly motivated to beat those 45-49 whippersnappers. .

  6. Kelly’s is a good story. A bit “sliding doors” how she might still be a fitness jogger had she not found a group of people who raced and ran fast. I wonder how many others are out there like her? I hope they’re reading.

    Interesting how Hudson reduced her mileage from 120 to 100. You’d think there’s a sub 2:30 marathon there off the back of a 1:12 half. That would be some improvement – from 3:43 to 2:30!

  7. I’m glad Ms. Jaske discovered her talent at a young 32 — and, yes, it does seem a completely serendipitous development. I also hope she does a marathon soon, as I’d love to see what she could do at that distance at this relatively early stage of her career.

  8. “She’s adorable, and so modest. I love how she had no idea that she could be running a world championship if she wants to.” I know, it’s like she woke up one day with magical powers. Don’t know if you lurk on Marathon Training at RW, but one of the regular posters (a fast guy) trains with her and was so happily shocked at her improvement. She came out of nowhere!

    I’m still waiting for Brad Hudson to call and ask if he can coach me.

  9. From the Flotrack interview it looks like she plans to run Boson in April, so not too long to wait. Yes, 32 is young enough to have an international career – Olympics even. She reminds me of one of our runners (now retired), Susan Hobson, who was a fitness jogger until about 27. She then went on to represent Australia in two Olympic games – the last in Sydney at 42.

    Flo, Brad will call when you run 26+ for 8k 🙂

  10. Sounds like I need to get into the ET Full Moon Marathon – 4:30 winning woman’s time!

  11. Julie, just for shits and giggles…
    Kelly Jaske’s Athlinks profile is private, but if you go here and put her name in, you get to see her progression, which is kinda fun. Her first marathon was 3:41, then a year later 3:16:57, then a year later 3:08:56, etc.

    She wasn’t amazing right out the gate by any means. I find this oddly comforting and thought you might like seeing that yourself.

  12. Flo — you’re a lot smarter than I am. I did look her up, as I’d read on Let’sRun that she was okay but by no means great when she started racing. But I gave up when I saw her blocked profile. Thanks for this. It’s very inspiring. You can really see how things took off for her in 2007, and quite rapidly at that.

  13. Hey guys – here is the link to Kelly’s results and profile at Athlinks:


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