The start is nigh.

At least for now, the stars are aligning in my favor. The weather report is near-perfect (although I’d prefer overcast to full sun, but whatever): cool, dry and with a 1-3mph wind tops. I had a great night’s sleep last night thanks to Lunesta. I am carboloading and drinking water to beat the band and have gained 2 lbs. — bad for my ego, but an excellent sign of good hydration and glycogen storage. I have no aches, pains or other niggles. And, despite lots of exposure to public places (and, hence, germs) in the past two weeks, I have made it to marathon weekend without having caught a cold or other bug.

I’ll go out for a little 2-3 mile run in a few minutes. Then I pack up my running gear and pre- and post-race food and libations. I was buying post-race treats at Trader Joe’s yesterday and the woman at the register said, “Are you having company this weekend?” I lied: “Yes! How did you ever guess?” It seemed freakish to say, “No, I’m running a marathon on Sunday, after which I plan to lie on a bed in a hotel room Scranton, Pennsylvania, consuming all this food along with lots of wine, ideally while watching a mindless three hour Lifetime movie starring Melissa Gilbert, Cheryl Ladd or Meredith Baxter-Birney.”

I have so much to do. So I’d better get to it.

We’re going to try to drive the course so I can see what I’m in for. If I’m not in a state of catatonic shock as a result, I’ll post again pre-race.

2 Responses

  1. Your Trader Joe’s story is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard – made me laugh out loud and repeat it to my mom 🙂

  2. So……?

    [Drumming fingers, humming, tapping foot.]

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