Fall Training: Week 20

Not that you can really call this a training week, since this was the second taper week. It’s more like a maintenance week. And “sitting around waiting and worrying” week.

A look back at training week 20:

  • Monday: 6.1 miles recovery pace
  • Tuesday: 6.2 miles recovery pace
  • Wednesday: 6.2 miles recovery pace
  • Thursday: 8.9 miles easy pace with 4×1 mile speed intervals
  • Friday: 6.9 miles recovery pace
  • Saturday: 6.0 miles recovery pace
  • Sunday: 13.1 mile long run (steady pace)

Total mileage: 53.5 miles

Paces last week:

  • Recovery: 10:12 – 10:53
  • Speed: 6:42 – 6:58
  • Long: 8:30 – 9:10

It’s taper week three, and the race is just four days away. The Scranton, PA weather report changes daily — one day it shows rain, another sun. I won’t sweat it until Saturday afternoon.

I was trying to think of a word that combines “fear” with “excitement.” I’m not sure such a word exists in English. But that’s what I’m feeling.