I must be almost recovered because…

…not being able to run more is beginning to really bug me.

Before my fall training kicked into highest gear (and I was exhausted most of the time), I got to really liking running twice a day. The morning run woke me up and got me both energized and relaxed for the rest of the day. The evening run was the day’s reward, during which I cleared out all the detritus that had accumulated in my mind over the preceding 10 or so hours.

Now I’m limited to one measly 6 mile run most days. I do it in the morning so it gets done. It’s also starting to get very dark, very early — a condition that will get worse after Sunday when we turn the clocks back an hour — so I guess it’s time to break out the headlamp for those evening runs.

At first I enjoyed having those aimless hours in the evening; I was still too tired to run more than a few miles anyway, so lying on a couch and reading a book was about the limit of what I could do anyway. Now I resent not being able to go run after work. The extra four pounds I’m carrying around (and the need to watch what I’m eating because I can’t run more miles) is only adding to the frustration. In fact, I’ve stopped drinking completely, since I can’t afford the calories. This is always guaranteed to make me very irritated, especially on the weekend. And, worst of all, my “longest” run on the weekend is laughably short: 10 miles? That’s all? That’s less than 1.5 hours. What will I do with the rest of the morning?

Just a few more weeks of this and then I can go back to running doubles most days and doing nice, long runs on Sundays and Wednesdays again.

I do sound like an addict, don’t I?