Rested Legs Syndrome

I went out for 7 miler yesterday morning, and it was an amazing little run. Not because I ran fast. Not because of anything I saw. No, it was amazing because I felt rested. For probably the first time since sometime in May.

It was such an enjoyable feeling, noodling along at 10:30 pace, at 62% heart rate. I was truly sorry when the run came to an end. I have a 6 miler today and I can’t wait to get out there.

This is what a taper is supposed to feel like. Now I remember.

Tomorrow I have an easy 13 miler (my last “long” run) and I am beside myself with anticipation. Tempted to make it 14 miles to savor the experience. Or run some miles fast because my legs are feeling so good.

But I will resist that temptation.