Westchesterites: Downloadable library audiobooks are coming

Like lots of runners, I have an MP3 player. Believe it or not, it’s not an iPod. I’m a fairly loyal Mac user, but the cost of an iPod is daylight robbery! Besides, I wanted something with an FM radio and a decent belt clip.

I have a Creative Labs Muvo TxFM and I like it very much (although I often wish I’d sprung for the 1GB model instead of 512MB). I also tricked it out with a pair of noise-canceling headphones from Shure (but I don’t wear them outside because they really do block out all sound…very dangerous). These are perfect for hiding the sound of my treadmill, so I can actually hear what I’m listening too. Also good for blocking out the white noise on commercial airliners.

Anyway, while perusing the Westchester Library System’s web site today, I discovered a pilot program for downloading audiobooks from the library. This is exciting stuff! So far, I’ve been using interlibrary lending to get my books on CD, then a laboriously ripping them in iTunes into MP3 format in order to get them onto my player. With this program, life (or at least this aspect of it) promises to get much easier.

My favorite recent audiobook “read” was Stiff by Mary Roach.

2 Responses

  1. You have to start thinking that you’re not going to get back on a treadmill. In my 35 years of running in the area, I’ve done a treadmill I think, well, never.

  2. I couldn’t do 45 miles a week (working up to 60) without a treadmill during some months when the weather does not cooperate (I can’t run in 85+ degree heat and humidity) or there’s not enough daylight to run safely when I’m able to go out. I also like it for some things — speed work and simulated hills, for two. But it’s the long runs I can’t stand doing on it.

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