Tracking your progress

Once you make a running a habit, you’ll probably want to chart your progress by keeping a running diary. The best one I’ve found to date is Running Log. Best of all, it’s free! You’ll need Excel, but what with the Microsoft hegemony being what it is, who doesn’t have access to that these days?

My favorite feature is the way it tracks mileage on your shoes. If you rotate several different pairs (which you should if you’re a daily runner, since allowing the midsoles a day or two to “rebound” helps your shoes last longer), this program makes it a lot easier to keep track of the miles so you know when to retire a pair.

In addition to its overall usefulness for tracking training and race runs, weight and mileage trends, the spreadsheet has some other fun features, like a chart that shows you how close you are to the equivalent of running around the earth — or to the moon! Somehow, my total mileage looks very unimpressive when placed in that context.

Full review of Running Log (and link to download) at RunningTimes.

Today’s haiku

Without warning, a
Suspended vortex of bugs
The midges of May