Yet another new blog is born!

(Cue the lame party noisemaker)

It’s the inaugural post to a new blog! Does the excitement ever start?

Okay, let’s get it over with. I’ll hit my stride soon enough and this will get a lot more interesting.

The basics — I’m starting this blog because:

  • I love to write and I’m sick of message boards
  • I’d like to encourage non-runners to become runners
  • I’d like to encourage runners who do not race to start racing
  • I need a way to unwind from the insane hours I work; yes, running is not enough

I have plans for this blog. Oh, yes:

  • Haiku. Who wants haiku? Anyone?
  • Information about running-related things: podcasts, books, sites, shoes and apparel, races…
  • Other, non-running observations about, but not limited to movies, books, teevee, weird places I’ve been, odd things I’ve witnessed and more!

And so, here is the inaugural haiku:

I have more blisters
In mysterious spots
Where’s my BodyGlide?