Post-run snack recommendatons

From what I’ve read, after a race or hard run workout, you should eat food that will help you recover faster. This means carbohydrates and some protein. The carbs help restore your muscles’ glycogen stores, and the protein helps rebuild damaged muscle. Ideally, you should take this in within a half hour or so of the conclusion of your activity.

My favorite post-race or post-run snack is a glass of milk and a snack bar from Trader Joe’s. You can buy a six-pack of these bars for $1.69 or $1.99 — a bargain compared to something like Clif Bar or PowerBars. I like the “Sweet, Savory and Tart” bars, but the “Vanilla Almond Crunch” bars are also quite good. Also check out the Apple, Blueberry and Fig bars — they’re like extended Fig Newtons.

Get more information about recovery foods.

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