A sweet little track off the beaten path

Joe did a recent tour of Mount Vernon’s track. Here’s my travelogue of the Edgemont High School track.

8 Responses

  1. Nice video and commentary. I have never been there.

  2. Nice looking track – I like the shady trees in the surrounding area. I did a plot of lane 1 in Google Earth and came up with 399 metres, so looks like it’s a 400m track. Looks very similar in shape to the AIS track where lane 6 is close to 437m. I like running in the less tight outer lanes of a track.

  3. hi julie, i’m a periodic reader of yours and joe g.’s blog. i enjoy the excellent writing on both of them. edgemont is a wonderful little hideaway. downside is the rather dim lighting once the sun goes down(however if theres any moonlight its o.k.). upside is very few people know about it so its rarely crowded. (at night its deserted). another rather hidden track is up at briarcliffe h.s.
    p.s. i quite enjoyed reading your start in running…i’m of similar age to you and originally from piedmont, cal. now i live in westchester. is o.k.to leave a coment from time to time?: ) good luck on your races.

    • Hi Phil,

      Of course you can comment! The more real comments I get, the fewer fictional ones I have to write. 😉 That’s good to know about Edgemont — maybe not the best track for night workouts. I was honestly a little reluctant to post about it because I don’t want it overrun. I should look into Briarcliff, since that’s where my gym is. Ossining HS track is good too, and you can warm up along the nearby OCA Trail.

      Thank you for reading (and delurking).

      • i’m pretty sure that edgemont is a standard sized 400 m. track (inside lane 400m.) i’ve run on bronxville track and felt immediately that there was something “off” about it. to me, edgemont feels like the other h.s. tracks in the area. one track i like a lot is way up at fox lane h.s….but its such an effort to get there

  4. Julie, just found your blog (linked from Run Westchester, which I’ve been quietly reading for a while.) Great training you’re doing. I live in Edgemont and use their high school track all the time. Besides being minutes from my house, it also offers the advantage of half the track being shaded around 5:30pm this time of year. I’m also running the 5th Ave. Mile. Good luck with it!

  5. […] to the Bronxville High School track for awhile now that I’ve discovered the oasis that is the Edgemont High School track. Jonathan and I went together and, from the moment we arrived, we could tell that there would be […]

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