Faster and faster, little by little

I’ve gotten faster in the last month or so. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

For one thing, my recovery runs are now anywhere from 8:30-9:30 pace. Usually right around 9:00. I was heretofore running these at 10:00 or slower.

For another, my trips around the track are taking me less time. Two weeks ago I did a workout that consisted of 800s and 200s at high/higher effort. High being a little above tempo. Higher being something a bit short of all out. Splits for that were around 3:25-3:30 for the 800s and 48ish for the 200s. I did one two weeks ago, a 3:13 (I was hopped up on lots of caffeine), that was obviously way too hard. Yesterday I ran all three 800s in 3:13-3:15 at lower effort than last time. The 200s were 39-43. Hmm.

I run better when the humidity’s lower, as has always been the case, but low humidity is no longer a requirement for running fast. At this point, I’m feeling pretty good about my prospects at the Fifth Avenue Mile even if the weather’s hot and/or humid. But if it’s cool/dry weather, I’m feeling more than pretty good.

Next up, a mile road race in Tuckahoe on September 11th. We shall see. We shall see. Wish I knew if the course was accurate.

On another note: Jenny Simpson (nee Barringer) won gold at Worlds today in the 1500 final, in an inspiring sprint from about 120 metres out. She’s the first American woman to win gold in that event since Mary Decker Slaney did way back in 1983. And Morgan Uceny fell down about three minutes into the race, which was upsetting to see.

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  1. Why are there no comments on your blog, Julie? Fine, I’ll say it: I am so happy to hear you are getting faster, and that you are feeling optimistic about the Fifth Avenue Mile.

  2. I was going to comment on TK’s blog, but I’ll comment here. Good times for the 800s and 200s. Anything around 40 is quick for 200s. If you have the course map, plot it out using Google Earth. GE is usually very accurate for measuring distances (down to the metre). Don’t ’tilt’ it though – wish it wouldn’t tilt so easily!

  3. That’s great your speedwork has been fruitful. Good luck at the Fifth ave.

    Soooo cool that Jenny Simpson won gold Thursday. Love those Colorado alums, and she’s a class act. Did you ever get a chance to interview her? Bummer about Uceny, tho… it might have been one-two for the U.S.

    And Matt Centrowitz won the bronz today… the U.S. middle distancers have been tearing it up at worlds this year!

    • I have not interviewed Simpson. Would like to, though. I’m glad Hannah England won silver. She barely made it into the finals. I think she had a better kick than Simpson and may have won it had she not gotten tangled up in the fall that took down Uceny.

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