“Guess My Injury” Reader Contest: And the winner is…

Little Jaymee Marty of Sacramento, California! Jaymee was among three astute readers who guessed my injury correctly — a stress fracture of the pelvis. A random drawing among the three (talk about good odds) revealed Jaymee as my contest‘s winner. The prize? A whopping $25 in BarnesandNoble.com loot! Your codes are on the way…

8 Responses

  1. Hmm. I know it sucks, but if it makes you feel any better I went to school with a girl who got a pelvic stress fx and then went on to win 2 South Beach triathlons and just placed 8th in her AG at KONA. Her injury was not that long ago. You’re the hardest working athlete I know, you’ll bounce right back and be in even better shape because of your X-training. Keep hanging in there.

  2. What about the guy who guessed, with astonishing accuracy, “stress fracture of the sacrum” (which really isn’t part of the pelvis, but the lumbar spine)? Shouldn’t that smart attractive gentleman get something like…maybe an acknowledgement of his awesomeness and a random bit of NYC 2010 litter, flotsam, jetsam, or other memorabilia packaged in a treble cream milk chocolate envelope, lovingly frosted with glucose, and sent forthwith to his place of residence?

    • You know, I struggled with this contest judging — mightily, in fact. But in the end I had to stick with my original stated rules, and I felt that “pelvic stress fracture” was close enough.

      Let me see what NYCM crap washes up on my experiential shores over the next few days for this fellow Eric.

  3. Ha! I’ve not been called “little” in a while. I actually prefer Doctor;) Sad that my degree in Ecology helped me guess (close to) right on this count. If we believe that Julie actually did draw a name from the hat from the 3 stress fracture answers (in the general vicinity of the sacrum), then it seems fair to me, Eric. Nice guessing, though.

  4. Sorry…didn’t want to imply anything like unfairness, sour grapes, etc. I was just stoked to see that my answer (hairline fracture of the sacrum) was exactly what the doc diagnosed. Just having a bit of fun patting my own back…apologies, carry on…

  5. Looks like we’ve got a real controversy brewing here. I’ll alert LetsRun.com

  6. No, Little Jaymee’s USA shorts vrs bunhuggers would be a better one for LetsRun.com

  7. Ooh. Me thinks bunhuggers would have been much worse than the basketball apparel I wore. Certainly, nobody would have wanted to see pictures of that.

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