“Was this review helpful to you?”

No. But it did bring up some interesting questions:

  • Is the writer’s native language English? How did he or she manage to get so many of the basics wrong yet use and spell the word “dissipate” correctly?
  • Does the conducting medium have to be honey or peanut butter? Will Nutella work? What about Marmite?
  • Why would it occur to someone to smear peanut butter on their own body for any purpose other than fulfilling a sexual fetish or attempting to attract an elephant (or both at the same time)?

7 Responses

  1. I don’t even know what to say.

    Except, I have the damn thing and it works just as well as my old one. With or without peanut butter. Best with honey on the left side, peanut butter on the right — just like how I make a sandwich.

  2. Great. Another blogger who can’t pick “he” or “she” for the indefinite pronoun.

    Oops. Another blogger who can’t code correctly:

    Speaking of Amazon ratings, here’s one I just came upon. For Origin of Species: If you read the highest-rated 1-star you’ll get the history of this edition. The highest-rated 5-star is great.

    • Comment Fail.

      I deleted the first one to spare you the humiliation you surely were feeling, but kept the “he or she” knock since I’m also irritated by my own inability to break that habit.

  3. Regarding your third point: I’d tend to guess this is actually how the user discovered the trick. Though I hope he/she is just a furry, and not actually going for a real elephant.

    Wow, did I just say that?

    For what its worth, I’ve never had trouble with this heart rate monitor. And since I don’t have a thing for elephants, I don’t imagine I’ll try that out any time soon.

  4. If you thought that was bad, try and get through that guy’s other review of the 310XT. Oh boy.
    I don’t use a heart monitor these days, but when I did, I only ever had contact issues on cold days. No peanut butter needed, (ugh!) I would simply lick a finger and wipe it over the contact areas.

    Mmm, Marmite! Ah yes, your Jonathan is a Brit of course. Happy anniversary, by the way.

    • I’ll have to look that review up. My HRM that came with the 310XT has that problem (I can run for an hour at 99% Max HR! Whee!). I ended up buying a new one, which doesn’t have the problem. I must send the original back to Garmin for replacement…

      Yes. Marmite. I call it “shoe polish” but the Brits love it. I guess you have to grow up eating it to appreciate it. I appreciate steak and kidney pie, greasy fish and chips, pubs, “real” football, and the Eurovision Song Contest. I even thought haggis was okay. But I’ve never been able to stomach Marmite.

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