Potpourri post 2

Random stuff:

I received my age group award from Steamtown. I’d forgotten all about it, actually. So it was a surprise to receive a large plaque in the mail today. It now graces our “bar table” along with a few other large, ugly race awards. I like to mix the evidence of Calvinist discipline with the accoutrements of Bacchanalian excess.

I got a hit from the best web search string ever today: “hot central park runner girls”

I’m sure the Googler was sorely disappointed with the result.

It’s looking like I have a chance of doing my 14 miler tomorrow outside! The ice on our walk and driveway melted today, so I’m hopeful the running path is similarly ice free. That is, until the next snow/freeze event, which is scheduled for tomorrow night.

I still have a contract job! (Good). But my hours were cut by a little under 20% for 2009 (Not so good). I’m trying to look on the bright side: This makes running 90+ miles a week a bit more manageable. And I can always spend the extra time looking for additional freelance writing/editing work. It sucks, but it’s not as bad as being unemployed.

That is all.

7 Responses

  1. How wimpy. I dream of working 20% fewer hours!

    If it was a valuable award (you won your age-group in 2:59), we’d say the trophy is “going straight to the pool room” –

    There’s a spot on google for “cold central park runner girls”. This is now it!

  2. I’d be happier about this if my expenses were also slated to shrink by 20%. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the predictions of extreme deflation will come true!

    I forgot that it’s high summer in your hemisphere. Get in those early morning runs…

  3. You have indeed been a hot central park runner girl, I remember it distinctly.

    Sorry about the hours. But less money is, indeed, better than no money…

  4. Whew to keeping the job, sorry to hear it got cut so much though. Here’s hoping some extra work falls into your lap over the year so you don’t have to go marketing your talents.

    Congrats on the new addition to the trophy table, you might have to start shopping for display cases before too long…

    Oh, and be glad your googlers are as tame as they are. I get some goofy stuff like “boobs in motion” but my main t-shirt site gets really weird crap like “nasty woman’s armhole”. Don’t even ask me what that’s about.

  5. Fast central park runner girls was better and maybe not hot but pretty!!!!.
    And 20% is a lot and hopefully you find more work..
    And more training is oké..
    For my work i must work 1 day in the week less because the credit crisis in the steel world (company)..
    A lot off (special)steel from holland, normal go’s to the USA…But nobody buy a cas!!!!!.
    So i run more than normal for 6 weeks…

  6. Sorry, i mean buy a CAR..

  7. Things are tough all over, Rinus. The whole world is suffering, some a lot more than others. But this too shall pass.

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